Turkey snubs Israeli ambassador condemning world for leniency

Turkey snubs Israeli ambassador condemning  world for leniency

Turkey’s Prime Minister  Recep Tayyip Erdogan leader of the ruling Justice and Development Party, hosted an annual Ramadan  dinner organised at his party’s headquarters by Deputy Chairperson Omer Celik.

Distinguished guests and numerous ministers, and MPs in addition to media representatives, were invited to the dinner with a notable absence of the Israeli envoy Gaby Levy. The Turkish PM addressed the guests condemning the lenience shown to the terrorist organization by certain countries, despite warnings, proofs, documents and information given by Turkey, stressing that it saddened the Turkish nation.

Erdogan stressed that the Israeli ambassador was not invited to the dinner in protest of its governments actions emphasizing that it had nothing to do with the people of Israel. He added that the Israeli authorities be accountable and to apologize and pay reimbursements to the families of the killed and wounded individuals who were massacred on the Freedom Flotilla late May carrying humanitarian aid to the besieged Gazans which included international activists on board including professors, doctors lawyers and members of parliament including MPs from Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood. The Turks objected to the comments made earlier by Israeli Minister of Defence Ehud Barak that the Israeli troops and  commanders who were involved in the deadly May 31 attack will not be brought before court stressing it will undoubtedly cast a shadow on the credibility of the UN committee.