Turkish delegation: The destruction in Gaza is beyond description

Turkish delegation: The destruction in Gaza is beyond description

A visiting Turkish delegation stated during a tour around the bombed areas in the Gaza Strip that the destruction they saw cannot be described and is a proof of the brutality of the Israeli aggression which spared no human being, stone, or tree.

The delegation which included the head of the helping hand organization in Turkey and a representative of the Turkish waqf Al-Aqaba as well as a number of officials visited the bombed headquarters of the Palestinian justice ministry, where they were received by deputy minister of Justice Amr Al-Barsh.

Barsh told the visiting delegation that the ministry works diligently to serve the citizens despite the destruction inflicted on the building and its contents.

The deputy ministry added that since the first day of the ceasefire in Gaza, the ministry of justice has been concerned about prosecuting Israeli war criminals, noting that the Palestinian cabinet formed a committee to document war crimes and file indictments against Israeli leaders.

He added that the committee which is composed of judges, jurists, prosecutors and specialists in legal affairs started its duties and listened to testimonies from citizens about crimes committed by Israel during the war.