Turkish masses, Pakistani group denounce Israeli massacres

Turkish masses, Pakistani group denounce Israeli massacres

A large mass of Turkish people flocked to Istanbul city to participate in a demonstration at the invitation of Islamic and human rights organizations to condemn the Israeli crimes committed against Gaza and to express their solidarity with the Palestinian resistance.

Writers, journalists, human rights activists and representatives of civil society organizations also participated in the demonstration, where some of them gave speeches about what is happening in Palestine.

Kanaan Albai, a member of the board of directors of Azgur Dur society for human rights, stressed the need to denounce the Zio-American policies in the region, and not to stay passive towards the latest massacres committed by Israel.

Albai called for abolishing all the treaties signed with the Israeli occupation and for working on lifting the siege imposed on the Gaza Strip.

The Turkish jurist criticized the expressions used by media outlet in the news on Palestine especially when they describe Ismail Haneyya as a former premier although he was democratically and constitutionally elected by the Palestinian people, pointing out that this kind of language serves the Israeli occupation.

A little Turkish girl suffering from cancer called Saleha Nur delivered a speech calling for providing support and assistance to Palestinian patients who do not have adequate medicines because of the unjust siege imposed on them.

Bulent Ildirim, the head of the assembly of human rights and freedoms urged the Turkish civil society organizations to break the siege imposed on the Palestinian people and to send medicines and medical supplies to the Gaza Strip.

The statements delivered during the demonstration also condemned the PA leadership and Arab regimes for their loyalty to the Israeli occupation and their shameful participation in the Annapolis conference.

At the end of the demonstration, a joint statement was issued by a number of Islamic and human rights organizations and associations in which they expressed their dismay at Bush”s ominous visit to the region and the American encouragement for Israel to escalate its crimes against the Palestinian people.

The statement also opined that the participation of Islamic and Arab states” leaders in the Annapolis and Paris conferences encouraged the Israeli occupation to continue its massacres and settlement schemes, citing as a validation for that the Israeli decision that followed directly the Annapolis conference to build 300 settlement units in occupied eastern Jerusalem.

The statement urged the Turkish government headed by the Justice and Development Party to cut military, political and economic relations with Israel and to support the Palestinian people who suffer from starvation and killing.

The signatories to the joint statement reaffirmed their solidarity with the legitimate Palestinian resistance and the constitutional government headed by Ismail Haneyya.

For its part, the Jamaat-e-Islami in Pakistan demanded an immediate end to the “war of annihilation” waged by the IOF troops against the Palestinian people.

It said in a statement by the Jamaat Shura council that the IOF massacres in Gaza Strip was the first “fruit of (American president George) Bush”s visit to the Zionist entity”.

The Islamic group renewed support for all Palestinians and called on them to unite their ranks, expressing surprise at the PA chief Mahmoud Abbas”s rush to meet Zionist and American leaders while ignoring his brothers in the Hamas Movement, who won two thirds of Palestinian popular support during the legislative elections in January 2006.

It finally called on the world community especially the European Union and the Arab league to assume their responsibilities to prevent the annihilation of Palestinians and to check the “killers” from exercising “terrorism against the oppressive Palestinian people”.