Turkish newspaper: Israel plans to oust Turkish premier Erdogan

Turkish newspaper: Israel plans to oust Turkish premier Erdogan

The Turkish Zaman newspaper reported Saturday that Israel plans to overthrow the Turkish government headed by Recep Erdogan because of his support for the Palestinian cause and his withdrawal from the Davos forum in protest at not being given enough opportunity to respond to the fallacies of the Israeli president.

The newspaper revealed that Israel provides support for Turkish forces opposed to the ruling party of justice and development and trying to topple the Turkish government. 

The newspaper confirmed that Israel helped in 1997 the Turkish neo-conservatives and officers to topple the then coalition government headed by Necmettin Erbakan.

The newspaper pointed out to a report issued by the Israeli war ministry in 2007 and leaked to the media which stressed the need for ousting Erdogan government through a plan similar to that used in the overthrow of Erbakan government.

The newspaper also noted that the Israeli newspapers started talking about the need to liquidate the current Turkish premier and embarked on instigating the Turkish army and the US against the justice and development party.