Two Brothers Detained For Supporting Gaza

Two Brothers Detained For Supporting Gaza

Egyptian security forces went through intensive round-up campaigns yesterday dawn in Qalyubia governorate arresting two members of the Muslim Brotherhood from Shubra El Kheima city due to participating in Anti-Gaza Siege Campaign last October 6th.

The detainees are Mohamed Al Qabbani and Mohamed El Sayed.

Security forces also stormed into the house of Mohamed Amer; however they puttered around with his stuff and seized some of his belongings when they failed to find him at home.

The Arab Network for Human Rights (ANHR) denounced the fierce campaign against those supporting the Gazan issue and activists of the Anti-Gaza Siege Campaign launched last October 6th; especially most of detainees are internet bloggers.

Gamal Eid; NCHR manager, stressed that the Egyptian regime set out to the round-up campaign to impede the activists’ role in disclosing the violations of human rights and law and muzzle their mouths from endorsing and calling for comprehensive democracy in Egypt as well as ending the tyrant siege on Gaza Strip.

He added that all bloggers neither did violations nor broke any laws and that if Egypt was really enjoying the least quantum of law respect or democracy, it would simply put a stop to such violations and attain real cultural and legal solutions for the status quo. He said the regime failed to intimidate the bloggers even through the Emergency Law.