Two Citizens Murdered by Military Intelligence in Syria

Corresponding Human Rights and Media sources said that at 11.00 pm on Wednesday (3/1/2007) the four Syrian citizens Naser Mash’an al-Tharab(30 years), Mohjen Nawwaf al-Fahd, Rakan Khaled al-Asi (30 years) and Saleh Hammad al-Nazzal (30 years) were driving their Toyota from Qamishly to al-Hasaka. At the crossroads of Tal Hamis, a civilian clad armed man who had stepped out of his car pointed at them to stop. Assuming he was a highway robber, they continued driving. The armed person shot the car and instantly killed Naser Mash’an al-Tharab. The car stopped and the armed person declared that he was a military intelligence element. Saleh Hammad al-Nazzal protested against the shooting of his colleague, and was subsequently shot at a very short distance after which he died according to the report of the Military Judge in Qamishli.

 The Syrian Human Rights Committee unequivocally condemns this serious crime carried out by the military intelligence which has been granted the authority to shoot for mere suspicion. SHRC requests that the Syrian authorities should control security and intelligence elements and forbid them from the absolute right to shoot and consequently kill citizens without due justification. This is because security services were initially established to ensure safety and protection of life, not to disregard them. SHRC requests the Syrian authorities to identify the perpetrators and bring them to justice in order to receive their due punishment for murdering innocent citizens. It also requests that security patrol should clad in official uniforms and drive police vehicles so that they are identified by citizens who will then abide to laws and instructions. SHRC also appeals to all Syrian citizens and human rights advocates to denounce this crime as human life is a supreme value which we should strive to keep and defend.

 SHRC offers its sincere condolences to the families of Naser Mash’an al-Tharab and Saleh Hammad al-Nazzal, asking them not to give up the rights of their victims and to demand for trying the killers.

The Syrian Human Rights Committee