Two Months of Ruinous Coup – Muslim Brotherhood Statement

Two Months of Ruinous Coup – Muslim Brotherhood Statement

To the great people of Egypt…

You taught the whole world the meaning of civilized peaceful protest, and impressed the world’s free peoples with your glorious non-violent Revolution on January 25, 2011.

And once again, you are teaching the world that freedom is more precious than life and that human dignity prevails over physical well-being, as you came out in continuous demonstrations with bare chests and empty hands, for over two continuous months, to tell the world, whoever has eyes to see or ears to hear: we will not succumb to putschist terrorism and violence; we will defeat the military coup, no matter what the price.

To the patriotic people of Egypt…

You have made many sacrifices. Tens of thousands of martyrs, wounded and detainees have not weakened your resolve, because you believe in Allah, the truth and the justice of your cause. God says: “Lose not heart, nor fall into despair; for you are the ultimate victors, if you are true in faith” (Quran 3:139).

The fascist bloody putschists bet on time, thinking that your revolt will die out after a while. But you will no doubt disappoint and frustrate them, with your relentless perseverance and solid steadfastness until victory.

The Messenger of God, peace be upon him, said: "Certainly, victory comes with patience, relief with anguish and ease with hardship".

To the honorable people of Egypt…

The extreme cruelty with which the putschists act is a sure measure of their weakness. The greater their cruelty, the greater the proof of their weakness. Because they are illegitimate power grabbers, real enemies of the people.

Evidence of the putschists’ weakness abound. Example include: detaining the legitimate president in an undisclosed location, fearing his release, arresting thousands of leaders of all political colors and national movements – including women and girls, fearing free speech – shuttering all satellite TV channels opposed to the coup, gagging all mouths to stop dissent, imposing a state of emergency and a curfew, closing off all public squares with army and police forces, halting train service, trying civilians military courts once again, killing civilians in repeated terrible massacres – putting the army and the police in confrontation with the people for the first time in Egypt’s history, until blood ran like rivers in the streets and thousands of innocent lives were lost, and torching property, even mosques and the Holy Quran as well as hospitals.

All this cruelty was intended to intimidate the Egyptians, to suppress the opposition. However, massive tsunamis of people flooded public squares and streets, in fast increasing numbers. Indeed, many of those who were initially deceived by the coup commanders and collaborators now know and support the truth.

The issue has become a clear and unambiguous: the people support the peaceful fight for freedom, dignity and sovereignty, while a group of generals want to enslave the people and rule over them with iron and fire, stealing all their resources for their own personal benefit.

Ultimately, the people will triumph in the end. That is the will of God: “Whosoever puts his trust in God, He will suffice him. Lo! God’s command does come to pass” (Quran 65:3).

Let us all mass everywhere and spread in every corner, until the heinous putschists find that the only way for them is to leave.

The Muslim Brotherhood

Cairo: September 4, 2013