Two More Brotherhood Members Accused of Supporting Hamas

Two More Brotherhood Members Accused of Supporting Hamas

The Higher State Security Prosecution decided Sunday to detain Dr. Mohamed Saber (MB vet, businessman, and leading member in Kalyoubiya governorate) and relief activist in Arish city Bassam Adam for 15 days. Their case was attached to that of Al Azhar Professor of Religious studies Al Faramawi.

They faced the same charges of Faramawi, membership in MB, and supplying Hamas with financial and military aid. The detainees were transported to Al Mahkoum criminal prison.

Bassam was arrested last Friday on charges of helping injured Palestinians in Al-Arish as part of his relief work. Security forces broke into his house and seized his computer, mobile, and some Islamic books.

This happened despite the fact that Bassam works under two official organizations, the Red Crescent and the Doctors Syndicate Relief Committee.

The Muslim Brotherhood has officially denied any organizational links whatsoever with Hamas, dismissing the charges against Faramawi as “fake and fabricated,” and considered them another government attempt to exclude the MB, Egypt’s largest opposition group, from political participation.

For his part, Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri has refuted the charges and said they are a “big lie” and a failed attempt to involve Hamas in internal Egyptian disputes.