Two Muslim Brotherhood Members Arrested in Kafr El-Sheikh

Two Muslim Brotherhood Members Arrested in Kafr El-Sheikh

State Security forces  have arrested two leading figures of the MB from Al-Hamoul and Baltteem in Kafr Al-Sheikh city. They are Abdullah Hindawi and Abdul-Mutty Wafa.

The forces failed to round up other six, Dr. Hasan Abu-Sh`eesha` (MB candidate in 2005 parliamentary elections), Abdul-Majeed al-Qasabi (secondary school teacher), Tareq Al-Mulla (Owner of Al-Andalus Publishing House), Saber Aiyyad (accountant), Saad Al-Battatt (released a week ago), and Naser Farraj

State Security Forces inspected the houses and took the computers and huge numbers of books.

Abdul-Monem Abdul-Maqsoud, lawyer of the MB, stressed that such arrests are nothing but attempts to curb MB role in political life. He added that new arrests of those released after the local elections are to excercise pressure on the MB to accept the inheritance of power.

Further measures are to be taken, such as Anti-Terrorism law, and other legislations paving the way for Jamal Mubarak as a president. The regime wants to limit MB influence through such laws, he said.