• May 2, 2006
  • 3 minutes read

Two trains collided in Belbis and MB holds gov’t responsible

Two trains collided in Belbis and MB holds gov’t responsible

In continuation of the Egyptian government’s deterioration, two trains collided on May 1st, in the city of Belbis in the Sharqiah governorate injuring  more than 30 people.

Muslim Brotherhood activist, Dr. Essam El ’eryan, in an exclusive interview with Ikhwanweb, held the Egyptian government responsible for the accident.

Al ’eryan said  :”the accident is a good indicator of the governmental negligence, I think that we are undergoing a major crisis due to the lack of the governmental willingness of moving towards reform.

When Muslim Brotherhood launched the reform initiative in March, 2003 they confirmed that an extensive reform must be implemented in all institutions and departments.

The government’s failure to implement reform led to the deterioration  of all facilities due to the lack of actual and effective control, either the control of local councils or the people’s assembly dominated by the automatic majority of the National Democratic Party (NDP).

Al ’eryan warned of the continued state of deterioration, degradation and failure, especially in critical facilities such as the railway facility in a way similar to the case of the river transportation and the accident of the ferry that accounted for the death of more than one thousand people

Al ’eryan, in the name of Muslim Brotherhood, extended sincere condolences to all the people injured in the accident.

Maher Aql, member of the People’s Assembly for Kafr Saqr constituency in Sharqiah lashed out at the government’s performance in all public service sectors.

The Egyptian administrative apparatus  is considered among  the worst in the whole world. That fact can be confirmed by reviewing the report issued by the Central Audit Bureau.

Aql confirmed that he will question the minister of transportation about the accident and safety measures adopted by the authority and the methods that should be adopted to upgrade the performance of the National Authority for Railroads.

It is worth mentioning that the past few years witnessed critical and disastrous events starting from the accident of Upper Egypt train, the fire of Beni Suef Cultural Palace, bombings of Sinai “Taba, Sharm El Sheikh and Dahab” , the death ferries Al Salam 95 and 97 and last but not least the trains of Belbis.