• June 29, 2015
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Two Years On, Anti-Coup National Alliance Vows Victory for Revolution, Democratic Legitimacy

Two Years On, Anti-Coup National Alliance Vows Victory for Revolution, Democratic Legitimacy
Two years have passed since the founding of the Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance. Two years of tireless resistance without pause, never giving the heinous murderer and his gang a chance to rejoice at the power they illegitimately grabbed, nor the illusions they shamelessly marketed.

Two years during which the men and women of Egypt’s real Revolution were a model of steadfastness on the path of the non-violent resistance despite the massacres and persecution which they suffered with exemplary resilience and unparalleled selfless devotion.

During these two years, the Alliance succeeded in exposing the coup which its commanders wanted to convince people at home and abroad was a revolution. But for the Alliance and its activities, the generals would have got what they wanted.

The Alliance also succeeded in showing the difference between the Revolution and its achievements in the field of freedom, dignity and justice, and between the coup and its killing of freedom, dignity, justice and hope.

The Alliance succeeded in building a solid revolutionary front that resisted all attempts of intimidation and sabotage, remaining faithful to the principles for which it was founded: support of democratic legitimacy and rejection of the coup, according to a clear vision announced in November 2013.

The Alliance does not profess perfection or claim complete success in achieving its long-term or short-term objectives. But it continues to endeavor to develop and improve its performance and remedy deficiencies and persist in attempting to become the umbrella for all revolutionary groups and stakeholders working to end military rule and restore harmony and concord to the people.

At the start of its third year, the Alliance makes this pledge to God and the masses of the Egyptian people: We will continue our march until we defeat the coup, restore usurped rights and democratic legitimacy, and achieve prompt and fair retribution for the martyrs.

Victory for the Revolution

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance

Monday – June 29, 2015