• Lebanon
  • July 24, 2006
  • 2 minutes read

U.S. Allows Israel More Time To “Finish The Job” in Lebanon

 The USA has allowed more time for the Hebrew state to “finish the job” in Lebanon before pressing for a ceasefire during secretary of state Condoleezza Rice’s visit to Israel on Sunday 30/7, according to a Hebrew press report.

Daily ’Ha’aretz’ said that Rice would visit Israel on Monday (24/7) to listen to a briefing on the situation from the Israeli premier and each of the war and foreign ministers before flying to Rome to meet European and Arab officials on political efforts in the region.

Rice is scheduled to head for an Asian conference before returning to occupied Jerusalem on Sunday (30/7).

Rice’s efforts, according to the paper, would discuss the deployment of an international force along the Lebanese-Palestinian border and implementing the UNSC resolution 1559, which among other items calls for stripping Hizbullah of its arms.

Meanwhile, two Israelis were killed and scores others wounded Sunday in renewed Hizbullah firing of Katyusha rockets on the city of Haifa, occupied since 1948.

Other missiles were fired at other settlements in northern Palestine occupied since 1948 leading to several casualties.

For its part, the reform group within the Palestinian vocational syndicates issued a statement denouncing the ongoing IOF crimes in lines of unarmed civilians in Palestine and Lebanon.

It opined that the war on Lebanon and Palestine were premeditated and were not an impromptu reaction to the capture of Israeli soldiers, citing the vast destruction incurred by the Israeli war machine.

The group lashed out at the official Arab stand that gave a green light to Israel to go ahead in its crimes and condemned the weak popular Arab reactions that lacked enough pressures on the Arab regimes.