UK Ambassador Downplays Concerns of Growing MB Political Role

UK Ambassador Downplays Concerns of Growing MB Political Role

A recent statement by James Watt British Ambassador to Egypt downplayed his country’s conerns of the growth of the Muslim Brotherhood’s (MB) role in Egypt.

According to Watt, Britain is supportive of Egypt during this transitional period where he noted that the MB were entitled to taking part in the political arena and that democracy means consensus on the country’s future.

Watt expressed his country’s happiness for the active democratic talks among the political powers and presidential nominees claiming that he is optimistic about the political scene in Egypt. He emphasized that Egypt has suffered from domination of a small group, and needs to build its democratic institutions.

During an interview with reporters at the British Embassy in Cairo, Watt also revealed that the British Petroleum (BP) has decided to invest approximately 11 billion dollars in Egypt. He confirmed that there are several other companies that will invest billions of dollars in Egypt to create new jobs for Egyptian youth. He maintained that Britain had in fact proposed loans with limited interest rates to Egypt, however Egypt refused them.

Regarding investigations in the corruption cases, Watt highlighted that a speedy investigation is necessary. He called for submission of evidence in these cases acknowledging the inquiring authorities in Egypt face great challenges. He said that Britain respects the international treaties, and British courts should consider the cases with information provided by the Egyptian authorities.