UK Lawyer Ali Azhar Denied Entry to Egypt

Egyptian security at Cairo International Airport detained British lawyer Ali Azhar for several hours after his arrival in Cairo to show his solidarity with Muslim Brotherhood detainees transferred to the military tribunal held on Sunday.

Azhar was scheduled to participate in Monday’s press conference at the Egyptian bar association attended by the MB defense team, a number of supporters and international observers who were denied access to yesterday’s session, topped by Ramsey Clark, former US Attorney General.

Security forces at the airport held Azhar in an inappropriate place, closed his mobile and prevented any contact with him.
Worth noting, the former UK Queen’s Counselor Sir Ivan Lawrence who arrived in Egypt on the same plane of Ali Azhar, declared his solidarity with Azhar and rejected all illegal and inhumane measures that the Egyptian security took against him. Azhar is expected to be deported to Britain without allowing him to enter Egypt.
The decision of preventing Azhar from entering Egypt as likely issued after the heavy media coverage to the participation of Ramsey Clark, the former US Attorney General in the military court against the Muslim Brotherhood leaders.

Ikhwanweb condemns this bizarre measure against Dr. Azhar and see at as distorting the image of Egypt, demanding the Egyptian government to immediately intervene to allow him to enter the country and exercise his full freedom in taking his political attitudes.

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