UK Muslims Launch Media Campaign to Condemn Bombs

UK Muslims launched a huge campaign for condemning the latest bombings in Glasgow and London and show the correct image of Islam and Muslims in the country.
The “Not in Our Name” campaign was launched with advertisements in several national newspapers on Friday under the title “Muslims United”,
The move was prompted by the failed car bombings in London and Glasgow and organizers hope the campaign will emphasize how ordinary Muslims reject terrorism.
The advertisements praised the emergency services as “courageous” and laud the Government’s “calm and proportionate” reaction to the crisis.
The UK Muslim community condemned, in the full page advertisement, published in several British newspapers, the two terrorist failed bombings that have recently hit Britain, rejecting to link such attempts with the teachings of Islam .
“UK Muslim community members condemn the attempted explosions in London and Glasgow Island. We are united with all people in the country in this critical time, and insist on working together to avoid any attacks that may targets our compatriots, their properties and country, ” they said in the advertisement .
They said that Islam prohibits killing innocent souls, quoting a verse from the Koran reading: “Whoever kills an innocent soul, it is as if he killed the whole of mankind. And whoever saves one, it is as if he saved the whole of mankind.”
Members of the Muslims United group behind the campaign include the Conservative Muslim Forum, Islamic Relief, the Islamic Society of Britain and groups such as the Muslim Doctors and Dentists Association.
A later phase of the campaign will see advertisements placed on billboards, London buses and the Tube carrying a similar message.
For his part, Mohamed Ghanem, the Muslim Brotherhood representative in Europe, told Ikhwanweb:”
We as UK Muslims reject such acts of violence that claim lives of many innocent people in explosions that kill and intimidate civilians. These actions are wholly divorced from the true spirit and teachings of Islam. I think no Muslim has faced any retaliation until now, but, unfortunately, such incidents make the English society automatically point a finger of accusation against us although most people know well that Muslims don’t commit such unacceptable hostilities .
Ghanem pointed out that this campaign aims at illustrating “Our attitude towards these explosions and terrorist acts which we totally reject. We stress that such  terrorist acts do not separate between Muslims or Christian. Terrorism harms everyone and it is not confined to a specific religion and that terrorism has no religion has no sect.
Ghanem demanded continuously launching such campaigns that help in spreading the right thought and real attitudes of UK Muslims.
It is worth mentioning that Britain has been recently exposed to two terrorist attempts. The first was on Friday June, 29th, 2007, when police discovered two car bombs in London and managed to defuse them. On the following day, Glasgow Island airport, in Scotland, was attacked by an explosive-laden fiery Jeep. The car was set ablaze before crashing into the airport’s main terminal, lightly injuring 5 persons and causing a little damage to the building.