UK Muslims Voice Concern Over Gov’t Tapping Plan

The British Ministry of Communities and Local Government is to reveal the details of a controversial plan in which London will use local administrations to defeat the so called “extremism”.

The British Minister of Communities and Local Government, Ruth Kelly, called by the Prime Minister Tony Blair as “the architect ” due to her efforts in the policy of integration and diversity in the British society, decided to reveal the details of a controversial plan in which London uses the local administrations to defeat the so called ” extremism”.

The government plan, drafted by Ruth Kelly, is based on making thousands of employees in the local councils and municipalities mix with people in Britain to spy on and follow up the activities of those the British government calls “Islamicists”, according to FINF network.

The Daily Mirror, a popular British newspaper that backs the ruling Labor Party, quoted Ruth Kelly’s confirmations that the government will inject 5 million Sterlins to 50 local administrations as a special budget to recruit spies for the security services amid the Muslim community, all over Britain .

The leaders of the Muslim community in Britain have condemned this plan, and described it as a racial move, while other few voices showed no concern about such moves on the part of the British government, alleging that all minorities in the British society face such measures .

Many other Muslims warned that this plan clearly shows the racial and ethnic discrimination, from which Muslims are suffering in Britain, confirming that such moves are negatively affecting chances of merging the Muslim community inside the British society, and hindering all attempts to coexist .

For their part, the trade unions warned of the dangers of Ruth Kelly’s plan, pointing out that this plan will make employees of the local administrations vulnerable to attacks from angry elements inside the Muslim community.

On his part, Sayed Fergani, the chief of the political and cultural bureau of the Islamic association in Britain, told Ikhwanweb that:”British government plan is based on racial divide iand will imposes more restrictions on the personal freedom which is highlighted in the Western civilization.

Fergani pointed out that this step widens the gap between Muslims and other religions and divide the British society on a racial and sectarian basis.

Fergani confirmed that the British Muslims reject violence and denounce the ideology and practices of the violent groups, but the government’s move serves hardliners on both sides and isn’t the best way to fight terrorism.

Fergani added that this move confirms that hardliners on both sides succeeded in their plan to cause suspicions and fear towards British Muslims which may lead to further isolating Muslims and hinder their integration within British society.

Fergani demanded the British government to cancel and retreat from this measure which may widen the gap between Muslims and others in the British society.

Also, he demanded the civil society institutions and human rights organizations to exercise pressures on the British government to retreat from such a method in dealing with Muslims.