UK Parliament Seminar on Egypt on Tuesday 16th October

UK Parliament Seminar on Egypt on Tuesday 16th October

Dear Colleagues

On behalf of Justice International it is my pleasure to invite you to a seminar to discuss:

Egypt – Report on Human Rights Abuses & Way Forward

Houses of Parliament, Room G, Black Rod’s Entrance
Tuesday 16th October, 2007
17:30 – 20:00

With the ongoing violations of international human rights laws evident in Egypt and the sour taste of corruption lingering in all the actions of Egyptian government from recently imprisoning journalists, closing down human right organisations offices and trialling prominent civilians in front of military courts, Egypt remains a key link between the west and the middle east whilst having a strong influential role in the region.

Justice International recently sent a high delegate committee to Egypt to investigate this unsettling trend, concentrating on the system of trial in Egypt and the recent trialling of civilians in front of military tribunals. Sir Ivan Lawrence QC was commissioned to write a report during his visit to Egypt and he will be at the seminar to deliver his findings, which will be open to discussion during the seminar. Also in discussion is the recent attack by the government on journalists, and this seminar will discuss the current journalist situation in Egypt and what the future holds for ‘freedom of the press’ in Egypt and the middle east. Justice International has invited many media professionals and members of the British Bar to debate this issue including the recent closure of human right organisations offices.

The Rt Hon. Lord Nazir Ahmed will chair the meeting alongside Sir Ivan Lawrence QC and other prominent guests.

All Members of the UK Parliament have been officially invited.

Yours sincerely,
Mr. M. Ghanem
Coordinator of the seminar committee for Justice International