UN coordinator: Situation in Gaza “tragic and serious”

UN coordinator: Situation in Gaza “tragic and serious”

Robert Serri, the special UN coordinator for middle east peace process, has affirmed that the situation in the Gaza Strip was “tragic, serious and should come to an end”.

Speaking during a meeting with reporters in Gaza Tuesday night, Serri expressed concern over the continued siege on the Strip and its future repercussions.

The UN official said that the international organization was ready to play an important role and mediate between various parties to find a solution to this “unstable condition in Gaza”.

Gaza is a priority for the UN, he emphasized, adding that the UN”s efforts in Gaza were met with growing problems and difficulties.

He said that four out of five Palestinians in the Strip depend on the UN for their sustenance, and expressed sympathy with all those who lost their jobs due to the siege.

Serri also expressed concern over the escalation of Israeli aggressions on the Strip.