UN General Assembly votes for the Goldstone report

UN General Assembly votes for the Goldstone report

NEW YORK –The United Nations General Assembly voted on Thursday evening on a draft resolution submitted by Arab countries and Senegal on the Goldstone report which accuses Israeli of committing war crimes during its war on Gaza.

The draft resolution was voted for by 114 countries, against by 18 countries, including the USA, Israeli and some European countries while 44 countries abstained.

The draft resolution adopts the resolution taken by the United Nations Human Rights Commission and calls on Ban Ki-moon to present the report for discussion at the United Nations Security Council.

The Israeli occupation government, which refused to cooperate with Goldstone in his investigation, was outraged by the UN General Assembly resolution.

The resolution calls on the Israeli occupation and the Palestinian side to investigate war crimes committed during the war on Gaza within three months.

The Israeli Foreign Ministry defended Israeli crimes during the onslaught on Gaza, which killed 1400 Palestinians the vast majority of whom are civilians and about a third of them children, citing self-defence.