UN report: Israel continues violations against Palestinians

UN report: Israel continues violations against Palestinians

Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) issued a report Saturday accusing the Israeli occupation authority (IOA) of violating human rights of the Palestinian people and destroying tens of their homes without justification.

The report said that the Israeli occupation forces (IOF) wounded at least 16 Palestinian citizens in different parts of the West Bank over the past week raising the number to 67 casualties since the start of this year.

It also accused the IOA of deliberately demolishing 20 Palestinian homes and buildings, including medical clinics and water reservoirs among other constructions alleging they have no building permits.

In addition, the report pointed out that the Israeli settlers’ assaults against Palestinian civilians increased noticeably, as they seized by force one Palestinian home in Sheikh Jarrah suburb in occupied Jerusalem prompting clashes with the Palestinian owners of the house.

The settlers also wreaked havoc on Palestinian farms and olive trees in the villages of El-Baqa in Al-Khalil and Abbod in Ramallah under the protection of the fully geared IOF troops, the report underscored.

The report also highlighted the electricity crises in the besieged Gaza Strip, adding that the IOA reduced the amount of diesel needed to run generators of the lone electricity plant in the Strip.

According to the report, 40,000 Palestinian individuals have no electricity supply after the IOF soldiers destroyed all electricity lines and equipments during the war on Gaza and banned the entry of the spare parts needed to restore the damaged electricity supply.

In a related matter, Palestinian lawmaker Dr. Mustafa Al-Barghouthi warned, in a lecture he delivered before Palestinian students in the Arub college in Al-Khalil city, that the Palestinian issue and the Palestinian people are exposed to an unprecedented Zionist conspiracy.

He explained that the IOA practices racial cleansing in the occupied city of Jerusalem and continues building settlements across the West Bank without paying any attention to international calls to halt such activities