UNGA to discuss Goldstone report on Wednesday

UNGA to discuss Goldstone report on Wednesday

NEW YORK, (PIC)– The UN General Assembly is to hold a session on Wednesday 4/11 to discuss the Goldstone report that was tabled by a UN fact finding mission on Israel’s war crimes during its war on Gaza.

General Assembly spokesman Jean-Victor Nkolo said on Friday that the Libyan ambassador to the UN and the current UNGA chairman Ali Al-Tureiki decided to hold the session on Wednesday after receiving requests from the Arab and the Non-Aligned groups at the UN.

The UN human rights council had endorsed the report prepared by the committee led by the South African Justice Richard Goldstone and asked the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon to table a report on implementation of the Goldstone recommendations by March next year.

Ban Ki-moon, for his part, had criticized Israel in a press conference last Wednesday for obstructing the reconstruction of Gaza Strip.

"I urge Israel to accept the UN reconstruction proposals as set forth, recognizing that the only true guarantee of peace is people’s well-being and security", he added.