UNHRC probe into flotilla massacre lands in Turkey

UNHRC probe into flotilla massacre lands in Turkey

ANKARA, — A UN Human Rights Council committee to investigate the deadly Israeli attack against pro-Palestinians aboard the Gaza-bound Freedom Flotilla landed in Turkey Monday to hear testimonies of eyewitnesses and hold talks with Turkish officials.

The Committee will cooperate with the Turkish probe panel, which was formed for the same purpose, to listen to accounts given by those wounded in the incident, hold meetings with officials in Turkish ministries and institutions, and conduct a thorough check of the three Turkish ships involved in the Freedom Flotilla.

Turkish foreign minister Ahmed Davutoglu met with committee member Desmond da Silva to discuss Israel’s offensive against the Mavi Marmara ship while en route to break the siege imposed on Gaza Strip and subsequent events.

The three-member committee headed by former International Criminal Court judge Hudson-Philips, began last week summoning activists who participated in the flotilla voyage to collect preliminary information to investigate the Israel forces’ seizure of the Freedom Flotilla and its passengers that killed nine Turks and injured others.

In other developments, a large humanitarian relief ship departed from Algeria Sunday on its journey towards El-Arish port in Egypt, where its shipment will be unloaded and transported to the besieged Gaza Strip.

The ship, which is run by the Association of Algerian Muslim Ulama (scholars), lugs on board 60 containers loaded with medical and food supplies, clothing and tents, weighing in at 1,200 tons.

The Algerian scholars association says preparations are underway for a relief campaign by land which will leave for Gaza from Algeria this September.