United Parliamentarians Against Emergency Law

For the first time in the history of Egyptian Parliament, more than 120 members of the parliament of different political backgrounds, agreed to form a legislative lobby to rescind emergency laws. The new lobby, “United Parliamentarians Against Emergency Law”, will also seek to abolish all freedom restricting laws and to release political prisoners including journalists.  The group appointed Mr. Mohamed Hussein, Muslim Brotherhood MP, as Secretary.

Among the signatories: Dr. Mohamed Saad Al Katatny-chief of the Muslim Brotherhood parliamentary bloc, Prof. Gamal Zahran- Political Science Department Chairman at Suez Canal University, Mr. Saad Abood- Karama Party, in addition to several other independents including Mr. Talat Al Sadat and Mr. Mohamed Anwar Al Sadat- members of Parliament and relatives of late president  Sadat.

A press conference will be announced by the lobby members to introduce it to the public and mark the official launching of its activities.

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