University guards assault campaigners ahead of student elections

University guards  assault campaigners ahead of student elections


The University students’ body election scheduled to take place in a few weeks. Normally the elections are rigged in favour of the pro-government students and security bodies, after excluding and eliminating the opposition students’ names from the electoral lists, particularly the Muslim Brotherhood (MB).


Dr. Gamal Qarni, member of the MB parliamentary bloc, denounced the assaults by security informants on students from the Faculty of Medicine at al-Mowasah Hospital without any justification.


He claimed that “these assaults are messages sent before the students’ elections especially where MB students are running against pro-security students”. He described the act as a violation of the rights of students.


Dr. Khaleel Abdul Al, Dean of the Faculty of Science in Fayoum University had cursed a number of students who were collecting signatures for the Seven Demands for Change agreed on by the national political opposition forces. He also threatened to arrest students.


According to the urgent question aimed at Dr. Ahmed Nazif, the prime minister, submitted by  MP Dr. Farid Ismail, of the MB Parliamentary bloc, security forces attacked students at Zaqaziq university for decorating the faculty grounds with banners wishing  students and the teaching staff well for the new educational year.


Security forces had also beaten two MB students from Ain Shams University burning them with cigarettes following the launch of the “Reformists Campaign” which was initiated to explain the approach of the MB