• December 26, 2006
  • 2 minutes read

University Professor Detained in front of Patients

University Professor Detained in front of Patients

3 MB Businessmen Arrested, University Professor Detained in front of Patients

The Higher State Security Prosecution ordered, on Monday at dawn, jailing three Muslim Brotherhood businessmen owning companies and publishing houses for fifteen days pending trial.

Also, it ordered imprisoning Dr. Mohamed Baligh- a conjunctivitis professor at Al-Azhar University who was detained on Saturday in his clinic in Heliopolis- for 15 days pending trial, as his case was referred to the case of Eng. Mohamed Khayrat Al Shater, the MB second deputy chairman.

Meanwhile, the investigation with Dr. Mohamed Hafez, the manager and owner of Al-Hayat pharmaceutical company, to today after ending investigations at dawn.
It is worth mentioning that the security services launched a crackdown that targeted shutting down four Islamic publishing houses and private companies belonging to Muslim Brotherhood members; it sealed off the offices of the Islamic Publishing House, Al-Haram-based Dar Al-Bashaer, Nasr City-based E’lam book store, and Dar Al-Tiba’a for publishing and distributing, and its Qalyub-based store was shut down; the printing office belonging to Dar Al-Tiba’a for publishing and distributing in 10th of Ramadan City and its offices in Nasr City were also shut down.

The security forces arrested Ahmed Ashraf,  the manager of the Islamic Publishing House and Aktham Al Tawil, the owner of Dar Al Bashaer who was released later.

Also the security forces shut down a number of private companies owned by Muslim Brotherhood members, including Al-Hayat Pharmaceutical company whose manager and owner, Dr. Mohamed Hafez, was arrested; it also arrested Eng. Ahmed Shousha, owner of contracting company, Hassan Malek who owns an importing and exporting company, along with 20 workers who were in his two flats, and confiscating some belongings and cash up to 165 thousand pounds ($28000)!!