• November 13, 2014
  • 3 minutes read

University Professor Khaled Fahmi: Removing Teachers Entrenches Junta Exclusion Policies

University Professor Khaled Fahmi: Removing Teachers Entrenches Junta Exclusion Policies

 Khaled Fahmi, Professor at the Faculty of Arts – University of Menoufia, denounced the decision taken by the Ministry of Education and the military coup regime to transfer more than 200 teachers to administrative positions because of their affiliation to the Muslim Brotherhood, saying this entrenches the political exclusion policy pursued by the ruling regime since the military coup.

In statements to the Freedom and Justice newspaper, Fahmi said: "This decision is no more than a political ‘outbidding’ maneuver through which the Ministry of Education henchmen are trying to prove their loyalty to the military junta regime, at the expense of the educational process.

"This decision has negative consequences on several levels. For one thing, these teachers, who have gained considerable experience over the past years, will be replaced with ‘new’ teachers with less experience. This is bound to have adverse educational and psychological effects on students."

Fahmi added: "The ministry’s attempt to justify this decision by claiming it would protect youths from terrorist ideas in fact reveals the size of the confusion it suffers. If these teachers posed any real danger, where is the evidence of their involvement in the broadcast of terrorist ideas?

"The education system allows for sufficiently tight control over teachers, because it is linked to a specific curriculum, specific time to cover that in full, and a specific number of classes, in addition to several other aspects of supervision, both by the class teacher and the school counselor."

Fahmi concluded his statement affirming that: "The real loser most affected by this decision is the educational system itself, since this will contribute to the increase in teachers’ deficit ratios, a problem which plagued the ministry, and the government has thus far failed to solve it."