UNRWA suspicious trips raise ire of Palestinian parents

UNRWA suspicious trips raise ire of Palestinian parents

 GAZA, – A state of anger and dismay is prevailing among Palestinian parents in general in the wake of the trips that were organized by the UNRWA for outstanding students from Gaza to sightsee Jewish holocaust centers in the US, Europe and South Africa.

Many Palestinians, who expressed their anger, saw a documentary movie showing 15 students from Gaza, who were taken on a journey arranged by the UNRWA to New York city, visiting the museum of the holocaust in the city.

More outrageously, spokesman for the UNRWA Adnan Abu Hasna denied that the students visited the holocaust museum in New York.

The UNRWA usually hastens to deny the violations and mistakes it makes against the Palestinian society whenever it senses the danger of its actions and the consequent reactions from Palestinian citizens, especially the parents.

A lot of parents stated openly to the Palestinian information center (PIC) that it is time for the Palestinian government in Gaza to take action against the UNRWA and prevent it from exploiting the margin of freedom given to it to tamper with the minds of their children.

Among those parents was a father of three children studying in UNRWA schools named Abdulaziz Hammad who said he was extremely chocked when he saw the report of the Guardian newspaper and the video clip on the journey to New York, especially the part that focused on the alleged suffering of Jews on the world day of human rights.