UNRWA warns of food crisis in Gaza

UNRWA warns of food crisis in Gaza

Karen Abu Zaid, the UNRWA commissioner, on Monday expressed regret for her agency”s” inability to extend aid to the Gaza Strip inhabitants due to the Israeli siege.

She said in a press release, “We feel powerless because we have let down the people of Gaza”.

Abu Zaid warned of famine in the Strip because of the Israelis occupation authority”s continued closure of all Gaza commercial crossings.

If the IOA did not allow entry of truckloads of food then the inhabitants would suffer hunger, she underlined, and explained that food stores were completely empty.

The UNRWA commissioner finally asked the world community to pressure Israel into ending the “tragic situation” in Gaza.

In another development, the health ministry in the Strip said that major hospitals in Gaza were suffering from depletion of cooking gas, which meant they could not serve meals to patients and could not operate the washing machines that dry-clean sheets used in surgeries.