Upcoming Parliamentary confrontations to open files of governmental negligence

Upcoming Parliamentary confrontations to open files of governmental negligence


The Committee of Economic Affairs will be witnessing a fierce confrontation between MPs Yahya Al-Mesiri, Dr. Mohamed Fadl, Dr. Abdel Hamid Zaghloul and the government on its negligence in the establishing of Sinai not taking advantage of its geographical location economic, trade and security and not establishing an industrial and free trade zone.


The Committee will also discuss an urgent request for information submitted by Dr. Akram Al-Shaer on the retention of 700 cars in the free zone last year due to wrong interpretation of the law on extending the work in the free zone in Port Saed, which made its owners unable to export it again.


The Committee will review, in a third session, the urgent request for information submitted by Dr. Ibrahim Al-Gaafari regarding the dangers that could result from handing over all real estate assets which belongs to companies of business sectors to the management under the pretext of its revitalization.


 the Committee of Transportation will be discussing in its upcoming sessions a number of requests for information submitted by MPs Mohsen Rady, Abdel Wahab Al-Deeb, Alam El-Din El-Sakhawy, Salah El-Sayegh, Dr. Mostafa Al-Katatni, Mohamed Nagib Khaled, Mohamed Radwan Al-Qarani, Al-Mohamadi Abdel Maqsoud, Adel Shalan and Amin Rady on the lack of commitment of the officials in the railway to implement the approvals of the former Minister of Transportation, Eng. Mohamed Mansour, and the establishment of a parking area for all mini buses in Kafr Al-Zayyat governorate as well as the non -implementation of a railway line between Tanta governorate and Bassyoun Centre.  and the tardiness of the railway administration of establishing a new safe gate that links between the new Banha governorate and Al-Mansheya governorate and other issues.


The Committee of Culture and Media will discuss cases of wasted funds at the Federation of Radio and Television and the spread corruption and mismanagement. This was submitted in the request for information by MP Dr. Yasser Hamouda as well as the urgent request by the MP Abdel Monem Samak, in which he requests information on the recent problems of the TV and satellite channels and the distortion and defamation of the Egyptian society and its traditions through some TV programmes with no regard to the regulations and honour of the media.


The Committee on Manpower will review an urgent request submitted by MP Dr. Akram Al-Shaer on the resolution of the Practitioners Syndicate on paying the pensions for ten years only for those on pension. The Committee will also discuss in another meeting the files of health insurance submitted in an urgent statement by MP Fathy Abdel Latif regarding the problems of health insurance and the resolutions issued by the Head of the Health Insurance Association which imposes financial burdens on everyone in this system.


The Committee of Foreign Affairs, headed by Dr. Mostafa Al-Feqqi and in the presence of representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, will discuss a number of statements and urgent requests for information submitted by MP Dr. Hazem Farouq on the meeting between the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Secretary-General of NATO in Brussels, what are the reasons for the meeting  and what are the results of the meeting , latest developments, agreements, joint projects and what has been done to activate the role of Egypt in the group of Eight countries for development.


The Committee will also review, in another meeting, the recommendations submitted by MP Dr. Yasser Hammoud in which he called for the need to address serious pandemics including swine flu, birds flu and sheep’s through the appointment of veterinarians to fill the huge deficit in the provinces and to establish many slaughtering places in the different governorates of the state, to increase the benefits of veterinarians such as illness, pension and job nature.


The Committee will also another recommendation submitted by MP Hassanein Al-Shora in which he calls for the immediate change of the slaughtering areas from the city of Kafr Al-Zayyat to outside the residential area in order to lessen the environmental hazards which threatens the lives of citizens.