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  • May 9, 2010
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Update: Islamophobic Violence in France and Britain

Update: Islamophobic Violence in France and Britain


Attacks on Muslims and their symbols in Europe continues, but of course for some Islamophobia does not exist. I have to also make a comment about France. It is a country that is more interested in face veil bans than it is in tackling real problems like hate. (via Islamophobia-watch)

Muslim Soldiers’ Graves Desecrated in France

Vandals have desecrated the graves of seven Muslim soldiers who died fighting for France in World War II, the defence minister announced, expressing “deep indignation.”

The regional Muslim council said the tombstones had been toppled and three of them were smashed. There are 130 graves in the cemetery, of which 17 belong to Muslim soldiers.

AFP, 7 May 2010

‘This is your Eid present’ attacker told Muslim woman

A robber wrapped a Muslim woman in a carpet and set fire to her after he raided her home.

The attacker gained entry to the woman’s Westminster flat by claiming to be an inspector from her local council, but once inside he bashed her and tied her up before stealing thousands of pounds worth of valuables. As he left, he wrapped her in a carpet and set it alight, telling her: “This is your Eid present, you Muslim.”

The woman, aged in her 40s,  was saved by neighbours who broke into her flat after hearing her screams.

Daily Mail, 6 May 2010