Update:Blogger Omar el-Sharqawi released

Update:Blogger Omar el-Sharqawi was released today, after he was detained by Mubarak’s police Tuesday, while covering the Shoura Council elections in Sharqiya. He was held without charges in the Talkha Police Station for two days.

The Egyptian blogosphere scene is still witnessing more clampdowns on bloggers by State Security for different reasons. This week’s most recent incident is the arrest of Egyptian blogger Omar El Sharkawy.

El-Sharkawy was arrested on June 11 while covering Egypt’s Shura Council elections or Upper House of parliament in his constituency in Talkha in North Egypt. Manfe reported that the arrest process was humiliating. El-Sharkawy himself managed to give a phone call from the police station to his friends to report his arrest.

Blogger Alaa Abdel Fattah wrote that State Security kidnapped El-Sharkawy and there were no legal procedures to charge him. He also said many lawyers were trying to reach the police station in his town where he is supposed to be detained but they were hampered by the security. Finally, some succeeded, however the police is denying he is in prison and that’s why Alaa believes he was kidnapped.

Tahyyes is reporting there is a difficulty finding his ID information which is making friends, bloggers and lawyers’ mission difficult to report to officials his disappearance after the detention. According to Tahyyes, El-Sharkawy has no one but his friends as his parents had passed away long time ago. You can be Omar’s friend and sign your name here in solidarity with him.

Monem-press (English), Atralnada, egyptwatchman, egymasr, and Ana Ikwan are showing support and expressing surprise at the treatment Omar received when he tried to cover the elections in his town in one of Egypt’s governorates!

On June 2, Blogger Mahmoud Abdel Monem was released from prison after being detained for more than 45 days.

On February 22, Egyptian Blogger Abdel kareem Nabil Soliman Amer was sentenced to four years in prison for his writings. He is spending three years in jail for his writings on the Sunni Al-Azhar Institution and one year for writing about the President of Egypt.

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