UPDATE Egypt: Dismissal of Independent paper’s Chief Editor

UPDATE  Egypt: Dismissal of Independent paper’s Chief Editor

News of the dismissal of Al- Dostour newspaper’s Chief Editor, Ibrahim Esa, was posted earlier on the paper’s electronic website.


The article detailed information regarding Esa’s dismissal, reporting that as of Monday October 4th, Mr. Ibrahim Esa will no longer be the Editor in Chief of the renowned Egyptian paper “Al-Dostour”. The decision was made and announced by the paper’s Chairman, Mr. Sayed Shehata Badawi and the Chief Executive of the Board of Directors, Mr. Reda Edward.


Khaled Hamza, Editor in Chief of the Muslim Brotherhood’s official English website, expressed his apprehension and disappointment on hearing the news of the dismissal, adding that the ousting of Esa was a great loss not only to the paper but to Egypt‘s independent press as a whole.


UPDATE: 11:45 a.m.


Journalists from the Dostour paper embarked on an open ended sit in protesting to the decision made by the paper’s Board of directors to oust editor in chief Ibrahim Issa.


A protest is also scheduled to take place later today outside the newspaper’s headquarters demanding the Board revoke its decision.

They also decided to organize a protest this morning outside the headquarters of the newspaper; to ask the Board to its decision.

The decision to dismiss Issa comes less than two months after Sayed Badawi became the paper’s new owner and despite promises that there would be no changes to the paper’s team.

All computers at the headquarters were seized in an attempt to prevent   any negotiations and to finalize the decision made.