Update2: Israeli Commando Units deploy off Ashdod port

Update2: Israeli Commando Units deploy off Ashdod port

Gaza, May 31, (Pal Telegraph – By Sameh Habeeb) Israeli navy deployed a huge number of commando units in preparation to launch a military attack on the civilian boats of Freedom Flotilla.

Eyewitness told the Palestine Telegraph that Israeli naval speed boats loaded with commando units deployed off Gaza-Israel shores, northern Gaza. The Eyewitnesses confirmed that at least 15 boats backed with helicopters deployed in the last 2 hours.

The deployment of the units was focused near Ashdod port and moved from Givat Yona area which is a few minutes away from the Ashdod port. A huge number of Israeli soliders have been brought to the place, expected to be from Givati Brigade.

European Campaign to End Siege on Gaza (ECESG) confirmed 5 minutes ago that it has lost the communication with other boats due to Israel army satellite jam attempts.

In the same context, Freegaza Movement issued an urgent appeal to save the passengers of the boats. The call stated, “Call to the world from the people on the boats. This flotilla is bringing supplies the people of Gaza and are being met by military force”