Uprising of ships organizers hold conference in Istanbul

Uprising of ships organizers hold conference in Istanbul

ISTANBUL, Organizers of the “uprising of ships” against the Israeli blockade imposed on the Gaza Strip attended a conference held Tuesday in Istanbul by the Turkish IHH relief foundation aboard its Mavi Marmara aid ship slated to sail for Gaza earlier next month.

In the conference, IHH head Bulent Yildirim responded to Israeli media claims that the Turkish government was behind this campaign by saying that all segments of the Turkish society supported these anti-siege efforts.

Yildirim noted that more than one thousands pro-Palestinian activists will be distributed aboard eight ships as human shields protecting the humanitarian aid until it reaches Gaza, stressing that all plans were set to get the aid to Gaza at all costs.

In the same context, the Brussels-based European campaign to end the siege affirmed Wednesday that a number of European lawmakers will participate in the fleet of ships heading to Gaza in May in addition to hundreds of pro-Palestinian activists.

The campaign said that lawmakers from many European countries confirmed their intention to take part in the convoy and confront any Israel attempt to attack the ships.