• Torture
  • March 5, 2011
  • 4 minutes read

Urgent Action

Urgent Action

Reliable sources informed Human Rights Solidarity (HRS) that the Security forces attacking the city of Az Zawiyah, the west of Libya, is using ambulance cars to kidnap injured demonstrators, victims of violent clashes between the attacking security forces and those defending the city.

Sources stated that these ambulances take the victims to a military base, the “2nd March Military Camp”, instead of the city’s hospital. No information is available on the fate of these victims of kidnapping or the exact number.

HRS is deeply concerned about the wellbeing of those kidnapped and holds the Gaddafi regime the full responsibility of the safety of these victims, and demands immediate end of use of force against the demonstrators and the unconditional release of detainees.

The use of ambulances to kidnap people, who need emergency medical attention, is very disturbing and a clear manifestation of the criminal behaviour of the Gaddafi regime. In areas where they have control, they prevent help from reaching victims of violence and remove bodies and injured people to cover their crimes. And in those areas where they have no control, they send in squads in ambulances to kidnap injured people.

The situation is deteriorating very seriously and HRS calls on the international and human rights organizations to defend the Libyan people and demand from the Gaddafi regime to immediately cease the kidnapping of the injured and stop using ambulances for military purposes. It is a criminal act, which must not be tolerated.

Human Rights Solidarity