Urgent Appeal to Release Dr. Jihad KabaKibo

Colleagues of Dr. Jihad Sha’ban KabaKibo, head of the Anesthetization   Department in a hospital in al-Dammam, Saudi Arabia, have reported that he travelled to Syria prior to Eid-al-Adha (late December 2006) after having spent more than 26 years in exile, and was arrested in Damascus International Airport. Since then, nobody has heard of him.

His colleagues also said that Dr. Jihad had contacted Syrian officials who informed him he would have to go through official interrogation but assured him that he would be immediately released afterwards as he wasn’t accused of violating any laws.

Jihad KabaKibo is from the city of Homs. He is 49 years of age and is married with several children.

The Syrian Human Rights Committee (SHRC) calls upon the Syrian Authorities to immediately release the Doctor Jihad Sha’ban KabaKibo, and to put an end to arresting those who return from exile. SHRC also calls upon the Syrian regime to allow all exiles and emigrants a peaceful return to their country without the threat of detainment and security interrogation.

Syrian Human Rights Committee