Urgent appeal

Urgent appeal

Human rights Solidarity said , it is  following the situation in Libya with grave concern , on  the violations which the security militias are executing against Libyan citizens, according the reliable  information HRS has received  confirmed the  kidnaping of five persons from the same family ( Family ALASHTAR, is originated from ALZANTAN but  reside in Tripoli .

The five were kidnaped from their house in   Saleh’s village on 27.02.2011 at  1:00 morning

The names are

1-    Mohammed Matuq ALashtar

2-    Osama Matuq Al Ashatar

3-    Mahamud  Matuq AL Ashatar

4-    Taleha Omer  Matuq AL Ashatar

5-    Yousef Omer Matuq AL Ashatar


In the same day a group of young people were kidnapped in different places surrounding ALzantan.

The names are

1-    Ali Attia Fanir

2-    Mahmud Khalifa AL Garaj

3-    Moahmmed Abdelsalam Al Tabtabsh 

4-    Osama  Jumma AL Dahsh

5-    Moahmmed Omer AL Naqua

 Human rights Solidarity holds the Libyan regime responsible on the grave violations and demand promptly let known to  whereabouts of all those who were kidnaped.

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