Urgent Call for the release of Abdul Jabbar al-Allawi

A source close to the Syrian citizen Abdul Jabbar s/o Ahmed al-Allawi wrote to the Syrian Human Rights Committee (SHRC), requesting to know the fate of the abovementioned citizen and to act for his release.

Abdul Jabbar (35 years) comes from Saraqib in the Idlib province. In 1982, his father was forced to flee Syria and live in exile (due to the events of the 1980s), taking his family with him, including his son Abdul Jabbar who had not even reached the age of ten at that time. Abdul Jabbar lived with the rest of his family in Iraq, later married a Syrian lady from which he had a child.

On 13/3/2006, Abdul Jabbar left Iraq for Syria with his wife and child after being given authentic travel documents issued by the Syrian Embassy in Iraq. When they arrived at the borders however, he was arrested by the Syrian Intelligence, whilst his wife was given permission to enter Syria freely.

The source also says that Abdul Jabbar was later moved to ill reputed Sednaya Prison, in which no one was allowed to visit or contact him. The source also adds that Abdul Jabbar has no connections with any political or active groups, and was only detained due to the fact that his father is wanted by the Syrian Intelligence. Since his detainment he has been subjected to torture, ill treatment and humiliation.

SHRC, which has reported the cases of tens of youths who have been detained simply for being related to opponents of the Syrian regime, is certain that the Syrian Authorities are targeting the sons and relatives of the Syrian opposition without differentiating between an opponent and a neutral. Therefore, SHRC condemns this arbitrarily unjustified arrest and requests the release of Abdul Jabbar Allawi immediately, and to allow all those who are living in exile, whether in Iraq or not, to return to their homes safely. SHRC also expresses its fear that the fate of the abovementioned detainee will be that of an unfair trial at the SSSC, sentencing him to prolonged periods in prison.

Syrian Human Rights Committee