US Islamic Center: Democrats More Tolerant Towards Muslims

In an exclusive statement to Ikhwanweb, Director of the American Center for Islamic Research Dr. Salah Sultan said in his comments on the midterm election results that American Muslims believe that the democrated victory will work in favor of Muslims inside and outside of the US.

 To make clear of his assertions, Dr. Sultan said that the serious changes introduced by the Republicans including freedom restricting laws have defied principles on which the America was founded and which the US has maintained since its independence.

 He added that the Islamic centers and establishments have been affected by policies restricting civil liberties, making them under ongoing siege and surveillance. He criticized the Republicans by saying that in their era the US launched unjustified war in Iraq, and corruption has striked hard across the high ranking republican politicians.

 Sultan quoted a democrat official as saying that Democrats will expose the financial corruption in wars on Iraq and Afghanistan. Sultan expressed hope that the Democrats will be better than the Republicans in terms of foreign polices  especially the Iraqi file. However, as regards the situation in Palestine, Sultan lamented that the democrats’ win will not make much difference.  He attributed this unchanged policy toward the Palestinian cause to the omnipresence of the Jewish lobby and their infiltration of both parties, calling on Muslims to have a strong and effective lobby by which they can press the US administration to acknowledge their demands.

 On the effect of the democrats victory towards Islamic movements especially the Muslim Brotherhood, Sultan said that several studies have been conducted by the Pentagon, citing one by Maryland University, which cost $13 million, criticized the US administration hostility towards all the Islamic movements indiscriminately.

 Sultan quoted the study as assuring that the moderate trend among the Islamist movements, mainly the Muslim Brotherhood, is represented by a large number of Islamists. The study stated that dealing direcetly with moderate islamists will serve the US interests in the Middle East.

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