US not Afraid of MB Growing Power in the Region

US not Afraid of MB Growing Power in the Region

Declaring the Egyptians right to determine their leader, John Kerry, Chairman of the US Senate foreign relations committee, said that the US is not afraid of the MB’s growing power in Egypt .

The Brotherhood represents a wide variety of people from diverse backgrounds and the majority of Egyptians are looking forward to stability and a renewal of tolerance.

As Egyptians revel in their new-found freedom and opportunity to choose their leaders, the Muslim Brotherhood is growing in popularity as its policy of transparency renews people’s confidence in their work.

At the same time, the US has renewed its support for the Egyptian people, stating their determination to
help the people,  not the authoritarian regimes. This is quite a turn-around from their historic support of tyrant rulers in the region.

The US says that it supported ex-president Hosni Mubarak because he was a major player in the region’s stability.

The US is adopting the image of ‘peace maker’ in its attempts to justify its support of authoritarian rulers in the past, saying that they did so to reduce tension.

In modern-day terms, US foreign policy is based upon preserving the country’s interests, and ensuring access to oil.