US Opinion Poll: 95% of Egyptians Will Vote Next Election

US Opinion Poll:  95% of Egyptians Will Vote Next Election

A recent survey funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development and conducted by International Republican Institute, Egyptians are highly enthusiastic about the revolution which resulted in the toppling of former President Mubarak and his regime.

According to Scott Mastic, the Middle East director, the poll reveals some practical real-world issues, with the economic situation topping the citizens’ list of concerns.

Over 60% of the respondents asserted they supported the protests staged in January and February, attributing their support to low living standards and lack of jobs.

The survey also revealed that 15% said their political opinions were strongly influenced by religious figures, while more consider family members and military leaders to be of higher influence. a staggering 95% stated they will vote in the September elections for the first time.

The survey also underlined the people have high expectations from the next government where eight in ten respondents said they predict their economic situation will be better in the upcoming year.