US Republicans’ War on Moderate Islam

US Republicans’ War on Moderate Islam

 Manipulated by pro-Israel Zionist lobby, that shares the interests of the despotic coup and undemocratic regime in Egypt today, extremist right-wing Republicans in the Judiciary Committee of the US Congress passed, on Wednesday February 24th, a bill urging the State Department to recognize the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization.

This bill is unjust and purely political. It reflects the rising tide of hatred and hostility with which right-wing extremist Republicans, lobbyists and politicians are trying to drag the American people into ideological war with the Muslim world, at the heart of it is the Muslim Brotherhood, the largest and most popular Islamic movement.

Today, members and supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood are facing the worst and most fascist campaign of repression, extrajudicial murder, torture and persecution in their history by the authoritarian regime of General Abdel Fattah Al Sisi, for no other reason but their commitment to democracy and peacefulness, their refusal to be drawn into the cycle of violence, and above all their defense of freedom and human rights under international law and humanitarian conventions and constitutions which the Republicans claim to respect.

The attempt to accuse the peaceful Muslim Brotherhood of terrorism goes without the presence of a single shred of evidence, and will fail – just like previous desperate attempts by hardliners and extremists in the US and its despotic allies in the Middle East.

We are confident that more-balanced individuals and politicians in the US government, civil society organizations and the American public will oppose such hateful bills as they continue to speak up against recent racist statements and bigotry by some hardline politicians and presidential candidates, and which seem likely to threaten relations between the American people and Muslims.

The Muslim Brotherhood, which believes in democracy, justice and freedom, plays down these decisions and statements, and deems them to be of no consequence, as it is firmly committed to respect of democratic mechanisms and the rule of law, and insists on continuing its peaceful action to end the military coup and establish the Egyptian Revolution’s great values:
freedom, justice and dignity.