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  • July 1, 2011
  • 2 minutes read

US Resumes “Limited Contact” with MB

US Resumes “Limited Contact” with MB

Referring to the changing political landscape in Egypt, US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton stressed that it is in the US’s best interests to engage with the Muslim Brotherhood and other peaceful parties intending to compete in the upcoming parliamentary and presidential elections.

Since the January 25 revolution, Obama’s administration has hinted that it sees a legitimate role for the group in the country’s political arena. Clinton described the initiative as simply continuing the approach of limited contacts with the group which had not been formally recognized by the ousted Mubarak. Previously, the US had limited contacts with MB members who held other significant roles, such as lawmakers or trade union leaders.

According to Ned Walker, former US ambassador to Egypt, it is inevitable that Washington would open communication with the MB being an increasingly important political force.

The group welcomed the move stressing that these relations and dialogue will lead to clarifying the group’s vision. MB leader Saad Katatni however told Reuters while dialogue is welcome it will not include or be based on any intervention in the internal affairs of the country.

The MB also indicated that it wants the US to deal with it as part of Egyptian society and one of political forces representing a sector of the Egyptian people, not based on it’s ideological or historical background.