US Secretary of State welcomes MB if elected by people through democratic elections

US Secretary of State welcomes MB if elected by people through democratic elections

A recent dialogue between US secretary of State and former US first lady Hilary Clinton has revealed that the US may have had a change of heart following its former stance of defending the regime prior to Egypt’s People’s Revolution.

Egypt’s youths engaged with the US Secretary through a video conference on and directed many questions interested in the US opinion where more than 6,500 were received in only two days from Egyptian people through Facebook, Twitter, and

Clinton highlighted that the purpose of the conference was to communicate directly, and hear from thousands of Egyptians about what is on their minds, and what they are hoping to have happen following the incredibly inspiring and extraordinary moment in history which has occurred. She stressed that the US supports the aspirations of the Egyptian people stating that it was imperative that the governments listen to the young people.

She noted it was significant to figure and realize the hopes and dreams that were expressed in Tahrir Square and that it was so important for Egypt, claiming the country now has a chance to demonstrate what it means to be a democracy and to move forward into a better future.

In response to what would the reaction of the US be if the Muslim Brotherhood gained power in Egypt through a true democratic election Clinton stated that it’s up to the Egyptian people who they decide to elect and what the rules are for political parties running for elections. She added that any party that is committed to nonviolence, committed to democracy, committed to the rights of all Egyptians, whoever they are, should have the opportunity to compete for Egyptian votes.

Clinton asserted that the US supports a process therefore if a political party, whoever they are, believes in democracy and doesn’t just believe it’s one election one time, then that’s up to the Egyptian people. She stressed however that we don’t want to see any political party or any ideology try to hijack the process therefore there need to be safeguards built in within the constitution and the laws of Egypt to make sure that it’s a true democracy and that one election will be followed by another election which will be followed by another election and that there will be term limits.

She denounced efforts by some people who get elected and think of themselves as being the only person who can serve a country and never want to have another election as they try to change the constitution and change the laws.  Clinton highlighted it was up to the Egyptian people to chart their own democratic future.

In a related note MB executive member and media spokesman Dr. Essam el Erian confirmed that the group has received invitations for dialogue by representatives from the governments of Norway, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland and Australia in an effort to highlight the Egyptian people’s demands following the revolution