US Should Put Money Where Its Interests Lie

US Should Put Money Where Its Interests Lie

The US gives approximately $110 billion a year for the Afghan war and about $3.2 billion for military and economic aid to Pakistan . Some Americans see that this expenditure is not in favor of US national interests.

The Obama administration justifies the huge amount of cash being showered onto Afghanistan by saying it is meant to helpprevent future attacks by al-Qaeda. However, if Egypt truly becomes a democratic nation it will be a greater player to counter the spread of terrorism than a stable Afghanistan . Moreover, if Pakistan could turn democratic and prosperous this would be an even  greater safeguard.

The US has planned to transfer responsibility in Afghanistan in 2014 but as the military situation there winds down, the US is spending more, not less. If the US is to reverse this, they would have to rely more on diplomacy and less on military might.

There is reason to believe that Pakistan and Afghanistan are ready to make a peace deal.Britain is also urging negotiations for the Af-Pak peace talks. While the West is ready to sit down and talk, it is still unclear whether or not the Taliban is prepared to do the same.

America wants a representative from Taliban with the authority to make decisions; someone connected with Mohammad Omar, the Taliban leader. Such a person would be expected to make an agreement that includes America’s three desired “outcomes”: renouncing al-Qaeda, putting a stop to violence and respecting the Afghan constitution.

It is not surprising that the US has not yet found such a person, but with the assistance of Britain , Afghanistan and Pakistan , it is continuing to look.

While attempts at negotiation continue, the US is still trying to disarm Taliban fighters with the intention of lessening the Taliban’s fighting force.

At the same time, while Egypt works through its pathway to democracy, it would actually work in America ‘s favor to support the Egyptian revolution if for no other reason than to build a strong fresh county that will lead the Arab and Islamic world toward a saner future, while at the same time aiding US counterterrorism concerns.

Egypt is going to need all the help it can get to help repair its economy and security forces. It is hoped that once the US realizes where its interests are, it will put its money where its interests lie.