US Undersecretary of State commends Egyptian NGO

US Undersecretary of State commends Egyptian NGO

The United States Undersecretary of State for Global Affairs, Maria Otero, met with local Egyptian water experts, civil society activists and ministers as part of stopover in the country to learn about water resources in the region. She was also in Egypt to discuss “other global issues,” the American Embassy in Cairo said in a press statement.

During the three-day visit to Egypt, Otero met with Minister of Water Resources and Irrigation Mohamed Nasr el-Din Allam, Minister of Legal Affairs and Parliamentary Councils Mofid Shehab and Deputy Foreign Minister Wafaa Bassim.

Allam’s office told Bikya Masr that the visit “was an important step in maintaining an open-door policy with American officials and for both sides to exchange opinions and see what is going on here in the country.”

On the short stay, Otero visited Gamalia with American Ambassador Margaret Scobey to visit the Friends of Environment and Development Association (FEDA), an Egyptian NGO that works towards “alleviating poverty, improving living conditions, and protecting cultural heritage.”

The organization involves local community members in sustainable human and economic development in areas ranging from environmental conservation to women’s issues and youth education.

The Association’s Chairman, Adli Bishay, gave Otero and Scobey a tour of FEDA’s Gamalia complex. They then visited FEDA’s computer skills center and health clinic. They also visited classrooms where women were learning weaving skills, children were learning about science and the environment, and youth were learning about community involvement.

The US Embassy in Cairo funds FEDA’s programs for elementary and secondary school children from the local community to acquaint them with the value of active citizenship, and “in developing their ability to express their views and practice respect for the opinions of others,” the embassy said.

Otero commended FEDA for the work they are doing, saying “I am proud that the United States is supporting civil society in Egypt and around the world. Organizations like this one play a vital role in social development by improving people’s lives, and we are glad to partner with them.”

Republished with permission from Bikya Masr