USA; Guardian of the Palestinians’ and Arabs’ rights

USA; Guardian of the Palestinians’ and Arabs’ rights

It is known that the Palestinians have been searching for somebody to protect them from the oppression of the occupiers since the early beginning of the 20th century in which their land was usurped by the British (British Mandate) and then handed by them to the Israeli gangs who committed too many ware crimes against civilians in the scattered Palestinian villages and cities.

The Israelis have killed thousands of Palestinian children, youth, old and disabled. The same, they have dismissed tens of thousands from their lands and homes and little old tents. They also destroyed mosques and schools and a lot of the Arabic historical sight, and then they built their settlements and synagogues on the usurped lands violating all human rights” laws and conventions of all committees all over the world.

They announced the establishment of their independent state in 1948 and ten minutes later, the US president, Harry Truman, recognized it. And then, other European states followed it.

Palestinians then have started to work to liberate their land from the occupier and they carried out so many military operations against the Israeli occupiers in several places as all castes of the Palestinians and many of the Arabs were enthusiastic to fight the Israelis to liberate Palestine.

However, some years later, the Palestinian and Arab fighters were faced by the International snub for their rights and comprehensive approval of the Israeli occupation. Then, International community started to denounce and condemn any military operation carried out by the fighters and they reached to the degree to denounce and condemn even the peaceful moves against the Israeli occupation such as demonstrations and judicial pleas.

Then what is bitter and unconceivable thing happened when the Arab States initiated peace talks with the Israelis followed by their recognition with the Israeli state and the Israeli right to live in Palestine.

The first official accord in this regard was the Egyptian-Israeli accord held in Camp David, USA, in 1978 under the guardianship of the US president, Jimmy Carter.

This disappointing move had a negative impact on the spirit of the anti Israeli fighters and it weakened their resistance as a great amount of support was stopped.

Then, what is more strange and bitter happened when a prominent group the Palestinian fighters have revealed their secret contacts with the Israelis in late 1970s. Surely, they have been deceived, but their contacts ended with signing a peace accord with the Israelis contains a frank and clear recognition with the Israeli entities as an official state and recognizes their rights to live in peace and freedom on the land of Palestine.

This is what late Palestinian president, Yesser Arafat, wrote literally to the Israeli PM minister Isaac Rabin after the accord.

That accord was manipulated by the current Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas, and announced by the late Palestinian president, Yesser Arafat. It was held in Oslo, the Norwegian capital, and so it was called, the Oslo Agreement.

Then, many meetings have continued to be held between the Palestinians and the Israelis under the patronage of the US presidents until, at the end, in 1998, the prominent Palestinian group of fighters joined under what has been known as the Palestinian Liberation Organization, agreed to pick out the last principle calling for the military fight to return the Palestinian rights from their chart. This event took place in Gaza at the presence of the late US president, Bill Clinton.

Afterward, the current US president came to call for the two co-existent Israeli and Palestinian states according to his vision, The Road Map, and he said that he would do his best to accomplish this mission. However, his time in office was the worst the Palestinian cause passed across.

According to his plan, the previous Palestinian fighters found themselves collaborating with the Israelis against their brothers in favor of the Israeli state. They got to the degree to fight side by side with the Israeli soldiers against their brothers who are real fighters at the moment.

Then after all that, their president, Mahmoud Abbas, describes the US president as a truthful and confidential body in contrast of his brothers who have been continuously described as traitors and betrayers through his words.

He said, “Bush was serious and truthful.” He means that he was serious in finding a solution to the Palestinian cause and truthful as he will, certainly, do that. As he is leaving the White House without fulfilling his promise, may be because he couldn”t found time to do that. It is a matter of time rather than a matter of conspiracy and negligence.

So that, we have to wait for another chance by looking for another US dove to bring us our rights from jaws of the Israeli wolf. May be through the Conference of Religions” Dialogue.