Verdict on Libya’s Bulgarians case

Tripoli’s Supreme Court sentenced to death, today, five Bulgarian nurses and a Palestinian doctor accused of infecting 424 Libyan children with HIV virus.
The nurses and the Palestinian doctor have been detained since February 1999 on charge of intentionally infecting 426 Libyan children with AIDS virus, 52 of them died since then. A Libyan court sentenced them to death in May 2003 but the Libyan authorities stopped short of executing the verdict for fear of the European and US reactions.
For his part, engineer Solaiman Abdul Qader, the chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood offshoot in Libya, said in a statement to Ikhwanweb that ” the case of the Bulgarian nurses is a criminal case which has been studied by the court; the court has many evidences and it -the case- is concerned with the Libyan justice that issued its ruling.
Abdul Qader added that the judiciary has a complete file about the case and- as we heard from the children’s families- is evidence-based.
Abdul Qader pointed out that the Bulgarian defendants can still challenge the ruling to decrease it, but it is all up to the judiciary.
The Attorney General had requested- on 29 August- a death sentence against the six defendants who are detained since February 1999.

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