Violation of Defense Right in April 6 Events Trial

Violation of Defense Right in April 6 Events Trial

The Emergency Court at Tanta governorate for the fourth consecutive day tried 49 of Al Mahala residents accused in April 6 and 7 events. In Wednesday’s hearing, the court postponed the session to Thursday, to start pleadings in the case.


Defense members -13 of them- threatened to withdraw, because the court breached the lawyers’ right to defend, not responding to any of their demands and the trial continuation for five consecutive days without giving the lawyers any chance for studying the case, as a result of lack of time and the large number of defendants. 


Tanta Criminal Court (Emergency) began the trial nearly a month ago, after prosecutors’ decision to assign 49 residents to be tried by the Emergency Court, on charges of coalition and riots at April 6 events.


Human Rights Organizations sharply criticized the assignment to the Emergency Court, for it does not ensure any guarantees for defense and fair trial for the accused or the lawyers.


The Court postponed the case in its very first session to the current September 6, and consecutively till Wednesday. In Wednesday’s session, after hearing the witnesses, the case was postponed for the fifth consecutive day. Thursday’s session is to hear the defense prosecutors, then the defense of the accused.


On top of the lawyers who threatened to withdraw is the director of Hisham Mubarak Center for Law, Ahmad Seif Al Islam and Hamdy Al Asyuty.