Violations Against Fayoum students

Violations Against Fayoum  students

The families of the ten detained students from Fayoum University stressed that their children had been exposed to different forms of restrictions, intransigence and abuse as they were transferred from Bandar El-Fayoum prison to the public Demo prison and were placed in one room called the “Chamber of Discipline” room, deprived from visits, were having only one meal a day and were not allowed to go to the toilet except once a day, despite their unhealed wounds and injuries which was caused by thugs assaults on them.


Families of the detainees called on human rights organizations to take an action to help them and to go to see the situation in reality.


In the same context, the assaulted students launched a campaign to reveal the ones responsible for these assaults, as they distributed a statement today among all their fellow colleagues explaining some of what happened with them and they also distributed it to the members of the Teaching Association to understand their reaction towards what happened to their children of students.


Students have also prepared some posters denouncing what happened and showing the images of assaults while also exposing the images of the two police officers involved in the attacks and responsible for it whom are state security officers (Marawan Mazen and Mostafa Al-Masry) who carried out the operation.


Meanwhile, the students are now being presented before Fayoum Prosecution after their lawyer has appealed in the Prosecution”s decision to arrest them for 15 days on pending investigations.